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    Guy in yoga pants pranks creepy dudes (again)

    Lesbian studs do this to me all the time 😒

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  3. "Why did white audiences flock to see Django and 12 Years but not Holiday? Why can you relate more to a film about chattel slavery than you can about nine affluent people and their families? These are questions that need answers."
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    One white audience went for DiCaprio and Tarantino and the promise of gratuitous violence despite the nature of the story. The other went for Pitt and the “art of film” as the film had already picked up buzz for awards season, these were the same white people who saw The Butler or Fruitvale (not both) because the white critics said they were worthy of ticket price. Both films despite the nature of their blackness were white operated and approved for the white palate. There was no such approval rating for BMH. White audiences enjoy good black films, they just need to know their safe for white consumption.

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    "how is that racist?"- white proverb

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    ay, bae.

    Black love 💚💛❤️

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    "you ugly mayonnaise bitch"

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    When you ask your friend about a boy and she’s like “he’s straight”

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    My face when my ex calls to tell me they miss me and that I always cross her mind..

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  10. "Let me put it like this: everyone wants acceptance, and I do want acceptance, but am I willing to compromise for that acceptance? No. Am I willing to make my image more masculine? No. Am I willing to basically change anything about myself to become more accepted in those circles? No, because I don’t like giving the heterosexual world that much credit. But, you know, acceptance would be nice."
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    Definitely making progress

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    the straight agenda

    • nike
    • "how do lesbians have sex"
    • bad facial hair
    • weed socks
    • "IM NOT GAY!!!!"
    • comparing their relationship to romeo and juliet

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